Natural Heritage

Inspired By Nature

We are so fortunate in Wales to live in a compact, beautiful country that’s packed to the rafters with with an incredible variety of stunning scenery and wonderful wildlife. Situated at the very heart of Wales, on the banks of the river Wye, our small town of Rhayader is a truly special place. This film gives insight into the natural world around us and was produced in partnership with local naturalist group, Rhayader by Nature. 

Folk Names of the Mistle Thrush Game

The Mistle Thrush is a beautiful bird, known for its distinctive song (a sort of clattering sound) that gets louder in windy weather! it is often confused with the slightly smaller song thrush. A good rule of thumb for telling them apart: if it’s smaller than a blackbird, then it’s a song thrush. Larger? A Mistle Thrush! They feature heavily in local folklore, with some tales saying they are deaf, speak seven languages, or grow a new set of legs every decade. 

Animal Track Identification Game

Nature Jigsaw Puzzles

Red Kite Jigsaw Puzzle

Red Kites are a strong feature of our local environment here in Rhayader, but this wasn’t always the case! 
Due to egg collection (a popular hobby throughout much of the 20th century) along with persecution they were brought to the brink of extinction, reduced to just a handful of breeding pairs. In 1990, the UK had only a few dozen red kites; 30 years later there are over 10,000.  
Read more on this phenomenal success story here.
Rhayader is the proud home to Gigrin Farm, whose feeding station has been pivotal in the conservation of this majestic species. It is now a true Welsh tourist attraction, and well worth a visit. 

Photo Credit: ‘Inspired by Nature’ Rhayader by Nature & CARAD, 2004.