Local History

Rhayader is a town with an incredibly rich history. Here are a few films, made by CARAD in association with various groups, that take a tiny peek into Rhayader’s past and present.

You can also explore the Rhayader Dialect with our dictionary!

However, we strongly reccomend you visit our outdoor exhibition area, around the sides of our buildings on East Street, to really appreciate Rhayader’s connections to the wider world. 

Festive Films of Rhayader

Local people reflect on the festive period, what it means to them, and their own histories. As with so much else during the coronavirus pandemic, this was made under the demands of social distancing. It was primarily recorded over zoom, with the sound and video quality that comes as part of that. This is what our lives looked like in 2020.

With thanks to Our Participants: Kerena Pugh, Ellen Cox, Jane Narborough, Sandra Betty, Catherine Allan, Krysia Bass, Jen Newman, Jill Exton, Pippa Boss, Ric Johnson, Reverend Lance Sharp, Del Ho Sang, and Naoko ‘ Yogi’ Takiguchi. Our Production Team: Catherine Allan, Krysia Bass, Matt Rose, and Aster Woods And a special thanks to First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, for use of his December 2020 speech concerning the coronavirus restrictions.

The story of the Christmas Trees of Rhayader and Cwmdauddw. Film made in 2014, with footage dating back to the early 90’s. Produced & directed by Alan Samuel, Ric Johnson and Toby Hay. An important piece of our local history. Nadolig Llawen!